4 Chrome Extensions to Master End-of-Season Sales

Summer is soon to be upon us all. As the days grow longer and the weather turns hotter, young adults everywhere are trading out their black jeans and Vans for black shorts and Vans. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and most importantly end-of-season sales are arriving. SSENSE, Saks, and H&M have all already begun their end-of-season sales with Barney’s, LUISAVIAROMA, and countless more following soon. Navigating these sales to find the best possible deals can be incredibly daunting if unassisted; thankfully, you don't have to be alone anymore. With these four extensions, you can finally up your online shopping game and get the best deals possible in this year's sales extravaganza. 


1.     Shoptagr

The only thing worse than buying an on-sale item that subsequently gets discounted further is waiting for that further discount only to have your size go out of stock. Thankfully, Shoptagr offers the perfect solution to this problem if you are willing to spend a little bit of time entering all of your watched items during the initial set-up. Whenever you see a piece that you want to cop but are hesitant for one reason or another, all you have to do is click on the Shoptagr icon in your Chromebar. With Shoptagr, you can save the model, the size, and the desired discount percentage, then file them into custom categories (i.e. Supreme, Korean Streetwear, Experimental etc). When that item’s price drops below the threshold you specified, depending on your settings you’ll either receive an email or Chrome notification so you can scoop that steal before anyone else gets the chance. A bonus feature of this extension is that if you are chasing a limited item that’s consistently sold out within hours of release, you can save it with a restock alert. Once that item is back on the market, you’ll receive a notification and a link to whoever is stocking it.



2.     ModeSens Shopping Assistant

While most online stores generally have the same MSRP for garments, every website has their own sales rates and schedules during this biannual sale that can be an absolute nightmare to navigate. If you’re a consumer who only shops for boutique brands carried by a handful of stockists, feel free to skip to number 3. For everyone else, I introduce you to ModeSens Shopping Assistant. This extension allows you to instantly check if the price of a piece is the lowest possible and if not will show you what websites have better options.  Roughly 150 online department stores are compatible with ModeSens Shopping Assistant, with shops such as NET-A-PORTER, Barney’s, Bloomingdale’s, Farfetch, and LUISAVIAROMA, as well as lower-end stores such as Asos and YOOX. In addition, you can also setup product alerts and gain access to coupon codes for whichever site you are redirected to; although MSA is unable to perform these two tasks as effectively as Shoptagr and Honey, respectively.  One unexpected perk of using this app is finding new stores in general and subsequently discovering new brands that they might exclusively carry. Embarrassingly enough, this is how I stumbled upon END. and LN-CC, which I regularly shop at now. 


3.     Honey

Chances are that if you are an online shopper, you already know what Honey is and how useful it can be for getting those hard-to-find coupon codes. Imagine the horrors of this situation: SSENSE says there's only one item left but it’s just slightly over your desired budget. Those 5-10 minutes of searching for an online coupon code can make the difference between copping your dream steal and being left empty-handed (RIP Saint Laurent Sweet Dreams Portfolio I missed by 30 seconds). In addition to giving you clutch discount codes, Honey also has a cashback program for almost all websites in which a certain percentage of what you spend is converted into “Honey Gold”. That gold can be converted into coupons for stores such as Amazon, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdales. One last perk of this extension is when you click the icon and follow the pop-up to the Honey website itself, dozens of the top daily sales are aggregated together for you to see. Sidenote, who knew that Alpha Industries had a 40% off sale today?


4.     Grailed Lowballer

Is this extension moral? Not really. Is this extension useful? Incredibly. While this does not directly apply to end-of-season sales, many Grailed sellers start to become antsy about carrying garments from last summer right before the SS19 shows begin. Especially for certain sectors of fashion in which 3 months is the difference between cop-or-drop, sellers with brands like Balenciaga and Vetements are especially susceptible to panic selling their inventories before they lose their social media appeal. So if you are the literal only person who actually wants a Balenciaga life jacket for more than just a chance to get featured on RichKidsofInstagram, this extension is for you. Simply click on any item on Grailed and look where the purchase/offer/ask a question boxes are. This extension replaces the offer button with the "Lowball by 60%", which is calculated based on asking price plus shipping. If desired, you can choose to add in a randomly generated message with the proposal to make your offer look less spam-y. Although almost all vendors counter offer (which then opens you up to bartering from a much lower opening), in my experience I have found that about 20% will accept because they just want to sell the item as fast as possible. The best tactic for utilizing this app is to simply scroll through a brand in a size and clothing category that you desire, open up 50 tabs, and let this extension go to work. Sure, you might be a giant asshole, but you’re a giant asshole who saved almost half of the asking price #ArtofTheDeal.